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The integrity of drilling riser systems has never been more important as riser owners are compelled to find innovatively engineered solutions to reduce total cost of ownership, and prolong the life of their equipment. Merton Riser's Class approved integrity management programme that includes condition-based inspection and condition-based maintenance is providing riser owners with a lower cost alternative to schedule-based inspection and maintenance. The programme is presently used by Drilling Contractors and recognized by Operators.


" As an alternative to a schedule-based inspection program, a rig inspection frequency can vary from a schedule-based PM program if equipment owner collects and analyses condition-based data (including performance data). " ...

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Merton Riser's Drilling Riser Integrity Management (DRIM) program uses Fracture Mechanics to estimate remaining life based on flaw size. This provides more accurate estimates of the riser's fatigue and remaining life. Though extensive corrosion mapping the programme also provides and assessment of corrosion and remaining life due to corrosion. Merton Riser is the only Drilling Riser Integrity Management Program (DRIM) with DNV GL Approval and can issue certificates with inspection intervals of more than 5 years when supported by the condition of the riser and the operating environment.

As stated in our class approval: “The [Merton Riser] Drilling Riser Integrity Management (DRIM) methodology as presented, based on the principles given in API Standard 53 and API RP 16Q, is considered an acceptable alternative to periodic inspection requirements for marine drilling risers used on board mobile offshore units with DNV GL class, having DRILL class notation, ref. DNVGL-RU-OU-0101 Chapter 3.

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    The Most Advanced Measurement Techniques

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    Better Evaluation of Condition and Extended Remaining Life

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    Reduced Total Cost of Ownership


Expertise in the Field

Our onsite engineers perform inspections on riser systems utilizing modern NDT techniques such as Phased Array and TOFD to provide an accurate disposition of your assets' condition.

In the Cloud

All of this information is shared and available to our clients via MERIT, our custom inspection software. Manage your inventory, assessments, and inspections from anywhere.

On Shore

On-shore specialists review all inspection information and marry that with operations data in order to get a holistic view of your asset to determine the estimated life and the best maintenance schedule.

Our Team

Our team has a combined 150 years of industry and field experience. When you work with us you'll be working with passionate and invested professionals who want you to succeed.

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